Design Team Application (Status: Open)

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Design Team Application (Status: Open)

Post  Site mascot on Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:32 pm

[b]Date Joined-[/b]
[b]Artistic/Design experience-[/b] (How good are you? How many years have you been doing art/design?)
[b]Reason for wanting to become staff member-[/b]
[b]Describe yourself-[/b](Your qualities/personality)
[b]Will you be committed to this site-[/b]
[b]Activeness-[/b] (How active will you be? How many hours? How many days a week?)
[b]Design sample-[/b] (Compulsory. No design sample, no acceptance.)
[b]How quickly can you make a design?-[/b]
[b]Your skills (e.g.Mascot making/Coding/Banner making)-[/b]
[b]Art sites? Provide link.[/b]
[b]Are you willing to keep a polite attitude with staff and members, even when working with others that have different point of view.[/b]
[b]Others-[/b](Anything else you wish to state.)

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