Staff Age Requirements

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Staff Age Requirements

Post  Site mascot on Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:21 pm

-Moderators and Heads must be age 13 or turning 13 this year (born in 1999). Members below the age of 13 may become apprentices.
-Design, Freebie and Request Team members can be of any age, as long as their art skills meet the requirements. Event Team Committee members can also be of any age, as long as their ideas meet the requirements.
-Being 13 and older does not mean you will be accepted as moderator or head. You may also become an apprentice or will not be accepted at all due to other reasons.
-If you are reaching 13 soon, (e.g. 12 years old this year), it is possible but highly unlikely that you will be promoted to moderator/head before reaching 13, unless you are mature and proves that you are capable. The higher ranks will observe you and decide on whether you will or will not be promoted before the age of 13.
-If you are older than 13, but have the maturity of a 9 years old (e.g. spamming, trolling, laughing/making fun of others) or breaks a rule multiple times, you will be demoted.
If you have any questions, please contact the staff.

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