Read before applying!

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Read before applying!

Post  Site mascot on Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:34 pm

When applying for applications,note that:

--Applying does not mean acceptance. We may or may not accept you.
--We have the right to accept you in as an apprentice instead of the application you applied for. Apprentices will be promoted sooner or later, and possibly, becomes a head in the future.
--We have the right to demote or kick out an inactive staff member who did not warn us of his/her inactiveness.
--You can choose to quit the staff should you feel that you do not wish to be in the staff or cannot handle things.
--You can choose to reapply should you be kicked out of the staff.
--You may apply for more than one staff position.
--You have to be of the age requirement.

If you happen to be a staff (request team, freebie team, etc.) at other sites, do remember to state in your application, along with your rank in the other site. You will have a higher chance of acceptance.

~Thank you for reading this! Please apply; we'll look forward to seeing your applications.~

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